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Hospitality industry applauds delay in employer healthcare mandate

Hospitality industry leaders believe a delay in the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will give them much needed time to understand the policy and implement it in a manner that will least impact their businesses.

The Obama Administration said on July 2 that the portion of the ACA, requiring employers to provide health insurance or pay a fine, would be delayed a year, moving from the beginning of 2014 to the beginning of 2015. 


As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act begins to take shape, employers will find guidance as important as compliance in 2013. Employers will face important decisions regarding part-time vs. full-time employees, fees, taxes and paperwork , all the while trying to maintain a skilled, motivated work force. According to Keith Patterson, a resident expert on the health law based in Tennessee, employers already are having to adjust their business models to meet these new regulations.
Using Temp Workers to Thrive in Tough Economy
When the economy is floundering, businesses have to become creative to turn a profit. With personnel costs one of the biggest line items, it often becomes the first target for reduction. A feasible solution is temporary workers, which costs less than permanent staff, saves time and offers flexibility. Effectively using temporary staff during tough economic times can help a business run lean and do more with less. For one, using temporary workers avoids the costs of insurance, healthcare, taxes and other benefits.
What Does The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Mean for Business?

With the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the big concern is what does this mean for businesses?

It’s a complicated law, and several questions remain on the how, what, and even the if, should Republicans emerge victorious in November on promises to repeal the legislation.

A Different School Lunch

Walk down the hallways of the Appleton, Wisconsin, Central Alternative High School and you will see students focused on their education, interacting successfully with each other and with their teachers. Notice the calmness and purposefulness that sets these teens apart from others.  You will notice that the hallways are different in another respect. They aren't lined with soft drink and junk food machines. Then check out the cafeteria. There is no smell of grease. Burgers, fries and burritos have been replaced with salads, meats prepared with old fashioned recipes, and whole grain breads. Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered and the students drink water.  Grades are up, truancy is no longer a problem, arguments are rare, and teachers are able to spend their time teaching. What's going on in Appleton Wisconsin?

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