Wedding Season Is Around the Corner

Tired of the same old stuffy wedding? Well, I have good news for you! In 2011, with the popularity of lounge and potluck weddings, informality has become the rage! From room lay-out, menu, and wedding catering service options – couples are creating casual environments, where their guests can sit back and enjoy themselves.

Room lay-out has also become very relaxed. Event planners are now using many different table styles, shapes, and sizes, when creating a "casual" ambiance. Also, they are using comfortable living room furniture, with throw pillows, for the couple's cocktail hour or lounge themed wedding. Are you having a vintage themed or a backyard wedding? Use tea party style tables! This tradition started, in 1919 by the British Street Party scene and has now appeared in the wedding industry.

Have chefs started to create casual menus, in response to the trend? Yes! From fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, shared one pot meals, hog roasts, large pasta dishes, comfort food and local inspired entrees, gourmet salad bars, and Tapas style menu - - 2011 menu trends will also be very casual! Couples are using food as an ice breaker! The bride and groom are creating menus to create an environment, which allow people to freely roam and socialize. Family style, cocktail, and potluck wedding receptions will also continue to be very popular types of food service this season. Are you a vegan? You're in luck! With the huge demand for a vegan or health conscious menu, many caterers and bakeries have started to create a wonderful selection of vegan food, dessert, and wedding cakes.

Catering food is no longer coming from the hotel kitchen! From fast food, ice cream, coffee, and catering trucks - - couples are coming up with original ideas that will defiantly please any crowd! Yes, In-and-Out Burgers and Starbucks will be very willing to caterer your wedding!

Are your guests still hungry, after dancing for hours? Want your guests to stay and continue to celebrate your day with you? One way to keep them is to offer more food and beverage! Couples are ordering specialty food stations – dessert, cigars, candy and cocktails to please their guests.

Good bye cupcakes, hello "Whoopie pies!" This Pennsylvania Amish tradition is becoming a huge trend this season. A Whoopie pie appears like a hamburger that consists of two cake-like chocolate cookies filled with cream. However, bakeries are coming up with new recipes for the cookie and filling. For example, pumpkin cookies with a hazelnut cream filling. The reason they are called Whoopie pies? The Amish children would call out,"Whoopie!", when they found them in their lunches!

From room arrangement, menu, and service options - - the wedding catering trend for 2011 is about Informality! Couples are creating comfortable family gatherings to put their guests at ease. Now that you have your wedding plan options - - all you have to do is sit back and relax!